Our Journey


Our journey began in Gothenburg in 2018 with the establishment of Synteda AI. Synteda AI began providing exceptional IT services to clients, cementing its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. During this time, the company embarked on the development of its first product, Be-metrics, a location analytics tool that measures space usage and people traffic to make faster decisions based on data and analytics.


Synteda took a significant step forward with the formation of Symatiq. This strategic move further solidified Synteda's position in the field of Visual GUI testing and Augmented Testing.


During 2020 an exciting initiative took shape within the company. Synteda initiated the development of an environment-friendly platform called ReInk. This platform aimed to foster an environment-friendly approach to sharing books, promoting sustainability and resource optimization. This visionary endeavor showcased the company's commitment to innovation and its determination to contribute positively to the world.


Synteda welcomed Unibase into its fold, expanding its team of subject matter experts and broadening the range of innovative solutions. Unibase's inclusion enhanced the company's capacity to deliver high-quality services across various domains and reinforced its position as a leading provider of specialized solutions.


Synteda embraced the arrival of LuunaX, which not only expanded its team of experts but also extended its reach in offshore and software development services. This strategic move allowed Synteda to wider client base and leverage LuunaX's expertise to deliver exceptional results on a global scale.

Throughout its journey, Synteda Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company's evolution from a consultancy firm to a dynamic provider of cutting-edge solutions showcases its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. With each milestone achieved, Synteda has strengthened its position as a trusted partner in the industry, poised to tackle new challenges and embrace future opportunities.