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Living at a fast pace and embracing change

June 1, 2023

When do we really stop and reflect on our presence and what we aim for? Do our competitors stop and reflect? Which of those on our market are resilient towards this uncertain change? Are there any answers? Well, if we change this business context mentioned to the context of a life coach – the coach would bounce back the question to the client.

Is Synteda Group ready for change? During the Kick of Conference, Synteda Group had the privilege to listen to design facilitator Mariangela Clerici discussing how Synteda Group can deliver an experience to our clients.

Sometimes it is worth going back to the university and listening in a strategy class, or another discipline. One of many talented instructors is the LEGO Professor of IMD Howard Yu who released his book about LEAP, which discusses the 5 Guiding Principles for Responding to an Ever-changing World. He mentions, “The only way to prosper under such fierce conditions is to leap”. In this case, the recipe to Synteda: to move across knowledge disciples, to leverage or create new knowledge on how a product is made or service is delivered.

Does this give us a hint if Synteda Group is on the right path?

Let us repeat the main points and let it sink in. First, we have design facilitator Mariangela Clerici pointing out: “to design of our professional deliveries”, while secondly, which goes in line what the Lego Professor Howard Yu points out: “how a product or service is delivered”.

If we take a moment and reflect our personal and professional capabilities by imagining sharing our skillset knowledge during upcoming workshop sessions this fall, then everyone of us can contribute on how we really can embrace change, leap forward, and scaling up readiness during this fast-paced environment.