Elevating navigational solutions through expert collaboration

February 8, 2024

Luunax is thrilled to share that its expert consultant is set to work with Jeppesen, a leader in navigational solutions. With over a decade of expertise in Full Stack Software Development and DevOps, including C# .NET, Agile, and cloud computing, they’re ready to elevate Jeppesen’s web applications. Focusing on user experience through React.js, REST API design, and collaboration with the Cloud Enablement Team, their deep knowledge in Kubernetes, Docker, and cloud tech aims to significantly enhance Jeppesen’s SaaS solutions, showcasing Luunax’s drive to deliver excellence through its talented team.

As this new chapter begins, we extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for success in the exciting assignment at Jeppesen. It’s partnerships like these that continue to drive the industry forward, and we’re eager to see the remarkable contributions that will emerge from this synergy.