A year of innovation, growth and collaboration

December 23, 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, we want to share some of the most exciting moments and advancements we’ve experienced at Unibase this year. Our focus on growth, innovation, and collaboration has been at the core of everything we’ve achieved.

We kicked off the year with a conference, where our team engaged in creative activities, delved deep into our products, and ended with a magnificent Brazilian samba show. Following an extensive summer renovation, we opened our new modern office in October, a milestone marking a new era for Unibase.
A significant step forward in our development was embarking on our journey to become a Microsoft partner in AI, an initiative propelling us closer to the forefront of technology. We have several ongoing projects in automotive, public transport, municipality, and building installations.

Unibase is looking forward to continuing our work and developing new, innovative solutions that meet your needs and expectations. If your company works with sensors, control systems, advanced driving systems, smart traffic management solutions, or integrated traffic systems, please feel free to reach out to us for potential collaborations.
We want to express our deep gratitude for your continued trust and collaboration. It is with your help that Unibase continues to grow and thrive.

We look forward to a successful 2024!