synteda group

Synteda celebrates collaboration with sister companies LuunaX and Unibase

April 28, 2023

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on Synteda’s positioning and celebrate the collaboration we have with our sister companies, LuunaX and Unibase. By working with advanced technologies and striving for simplicity, we have been able to learn from one another and become more efficient as a team. We are grateful for the collaboration between Janina Calalo, Paulina Brodd, and our Synteda office. As we continue to share knowledge and work together, we are confident that we can take on more duties and achieve greater success.
We are excited about the development of a new group on Chat-GPT and look forward to seeing how it will help us grow as a team and deliver even better results.

In this fascinating time of technological advancement and market disruptions, we are reminded that our business area is spot on. Let’s continue to work hard and support one another as we navigate this exciting and ever-changing industry.